High Security Automatic Portable Hydraulic Road Blocker System For Vehicle Access Control

High Security Automatic Portable Hydraulic Road Blocker System For Vehicle Access Control

  • Overall material :Q235 steel plate
  • Back wall thickness :20mm (customizable 20-30mm)
  • Equipment length (intercept width):5000mm (actual length 4730mm)
  • Equipment width: 1080mm
  • Equipment height: 800mm
  • Intercepting height :600mm (lift angle is not more than 45°)


High-Security Vehicle Barrier and Bollards

Parking Gates and Bollards limit vehicle access are a complete parking arm solution for any parking lot, parking garage or parking area system. Vehicle gates have fast opening times between 1.3 seconds to 4 seconds. Arms can be custom width but are usually 10′ to 22’ which accommodates most standard road widths for most vehicles. This parking barrier arm is offered in cabinets with four color options: white, orange, light grey, and dark grey. Built for outdoor weather conditions, there is a standard height for cars and small trucks and a high cabinet for cars, small trucks up to semi-trucks for tall access. All Parking Gate barriers/ road blockers come with a control unit with programmable I/O, selectable auto-open on power failure feature, multiple open/close speeds, and an integrated 2-channel detector module, and remote control or desktop management.
Bollards can be crash rated for anti-terrorist attacks. Automated with access control where the bollard retracts into the ground to allow drive-overs. Fixe bollards can also be crash-rated and remain as a permanent block for vehicles and trucks of all sizes. Combing bollards and vehicle barrier arms can compliment one another and provide maximum security for any facility.

High-Security Vehicle Barrier Technical Parameters:

  1. Overall material: Q235 steel plate
  2. Back wall thickness: 20mm (customizable 20-30mm)
  3. length (intercept width):5000mm (actual length 4730mm)
  4. width: 1080mm
  5. height: 800mm
  6. Intercepting height: 600mm (lift angle is not more than 45°)
  7. Lifting force: 5T
  8. Carrying weight: 80T
  9. Anti-collision capacity: 10T truck, speed 80km cannot pass
  10. Passage pressure: can pass more than 100 tons of container trucks
  11. Movement form: hydraulic drive
  12. Fixing standard: black yellow, red yellow, other colors can be customized
  13. Working environment: -50 °C ~ +75 °C, automatic constant temperature system
  14. Lift control: line control / remote control / linkage, power failure emergency drop pressure control
  15. Control distance: Wireless control (accessible) 50 meters, line control 100 meters
  16. Up/downtime : rises 2-3 seconds, drops 2-3 seconds) adjustable
  17. Power system voltage: 220V /380V 50Hz
  18. Control system voltage: 24V
  19. Output power: 3.75KW
  20. Protection level: IP68


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