• A stylishly modern barrier with aesthetics that blend into any setting.
  • The LED dome flashing light is durable and provides safety, while the photocells can be integrated into the cabinet.
  • The protective cover protects the boom movement against possible shearing while opening and closing.
  • The 24 V DC power supply is the best choice for heavy duty service conditions.
  • Made In Italy


Arm Barrier in Saudi Arabia Came G4 by Autogateme

A new concept in barrier gates: Design, materials, technology. The exclusive built-in flashing light with an illuminated LED diffuser needs no special maintenance and ensures complete visibility of the warning light when the barrier arm is moving.

CAME G4 boom barrier Saudi Arabia:

-the barrier for large openings for industrial and public use
-Automatic road barrier for openings up to 3.75 m.‎ Soft profiles and rounded edges for an ideal solution for large access points.‎
– LED flashing light
No maintenance required.‎ Guarantees total visibility of the light signal.‎
– Safe intervention
An electronic contact automatically interrupts the supply voltage each time the inspection hatch is opened.‎
– Differentiated sensitivity springs
Enable perfect wand balancing.‎
– Protective wand casing
Protection from any knocks and risks due to wand rotation.‎
– Resistant
Also available with AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet.‎
– Seamless integration
The safety photocells and control selectors are affixed directly to the barrier body without affecting the aesthetics of the product.‎
– Wand with break-through connector Horizontal opening allowed in the event of an accidental impact.‎

Energy saving
– sleep mode, the device that reduces energy consumption when the operator is not in service
– compatible with the Zero-E solar power panel

About Came :

Came is a world-leading solution and product provider of security barrier. The company’s product portfolio includes a full range gate barrier, turnstile, speed gate, swing/sliding gate motors.

Came is currently the largest global market share in gate barrier, turnstile, speed gate, swing/sliding gate motors. meanwhile, it is the first Italian corporate in security that established a global technology standard. The company invests almost 10% of its annual sales revenue to R&D.   by far has more than 1000 professionals in R&D department to further bring innovation.

Came products are widely used globally in many fields such as retail, education, utility, banking, public security, energy infrastructure, telecommunication, intelligent-building, and intelligent-transportation.

Arm Barrier in Saudi Arabia Came G4 boom barrier: 

Based in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Autogateme is installers with complete system solutions encompassing gate barrier, turnstile, speed gate, swing/sliding gate motors, software and accessories all over KSA. Came barrier G4 such as G4040Z, G4040IZ, G4040E,G4040IE, G4040EZT.

Came Products distributors in Saudi Arabia. Cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, Jizan, Tabuk, Taif, Makkah, Madinah and other part of KSA. Call us for Came barrier Saudi Arabia, Came Spare Parts Saudi Arabia. Came gate barrier Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar, Jizan, Tabuk, Makkah, Madinah.

Autogateme are leading supplier of the Arm Barrier or boom barrier, spare parts supplier and installer all over KSA. Came range of products, customers can order directly from our online catalog with expected delivery within few working day.

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